Lots of Weddings, Parties and other discos over the past few weeks

28/5/16 – Great Wedding Disco for Marc and Kerry Hall at Dumbarton Harp Social Club –
Kerry and Marc have just returned from Mexico where they tied the knot and tonight was all about celebrating with their extended friends and family. The room was transformed with baby blue moodlighting and a customer premium initial projection on the wall that added style to the party. Wide range of music tonight from Trance for the lads to the usual floor fillers and a few special requests that were big anthems for the girlies when they were across the atlantic for the Wedding. Congratulations guys and best wishes for your future married life together.

26/5/16 – Rutherglen High Family Disco
Tonight we were raising funds for our local ASN Schools senior prom. The staff done a tremendous job organising the night and the families came out in force to show their support. Over £600 was raised in total for the evening and that will go a long way to helping make sure the kids have a great night at their prom next week.

14/5/16 – Laurens Happy 21st at The Rowantree
Lovely intimate 21st tonight at one of Edinburghs coolest venues. This was no ordinary 21st with some ceilidh, a few random choices (Donald Wheres Your Trousers!!!) and even a member from the scary ghost tour opped in to wish the birthday girl happy birthday. This culminated in a surprise present of family trip to New York, Vegas and Florida! Thank you for having me and enjoy your amazing holiday when it comes.

7/5/16 – Mark and Wendys Wedding magnificent in Troon
All the guests had traveled from far and wide for this Wedding at the famous resort where this years open is due to be held but the big spectacle today was Mark and Wendys special day. This was a Wedding like no other I have been part of, it was packed full of surprises from the moment the guests finished their breakfast. Secret wedding venue, entertainers, rave area…even a bouncy castle. Fun was how the happy couple wanted their day to be remembered and it is safe to say their guests had bundles of it. Congratulations you two.

6/5/16 – Party time at Pams Gatsby Themed 60th Birthday disco.
Pam went all out on her 1920’s/Gatsby themed party and the attention to details was amazing. All the guests turned out like they had just fallen out of a Chicago Speak Easy and we had prizes for the best dressed. Lots of fun and some nice memories for Pam.

30/4/16 – Great Wedding of Colin and Fiona Orr at Paisley Town Hall
I had been away from the decks for 3 weeks (except a wee stint at 360 degrees in Dubai…well I can’t help but mix business with pleasure) and last week celebrating my wifes 30th Birthday so I was raring to go tonight and it was a great gig to come back to. Fiona and Colin had their taste and personality all over the evening with special choices which meant alot to them and their guests. Big highlights were ‘Lifted’ by The Lighthouse Family which is routed in a Stag Do Story, Never Forget by Take That which was an epic sing along and then to finish off we skipped the traditional Loch Lomond and opted for Happy which went down a treat. All the
best guys and enjoy Nice!

March 2016 update from 5 Star Discos

1/4/16 – Congratulations to Michelle and Gary McLachlan on their Wedding at Glazert Country House. – I love Glazert Country House. It was one of my most frequented venues last year and I have an amazing time whenever I am there. Last night was no exception. The dance floor was packed (infact the entire room was packed) from the second the first dance ended and didn’t let up until the final bar of Loch Lomond. Floor fillers and sing a longs galore plus a good old school dance set in the middle. Congratulations you two and all the best in married life together.

1/4/16 (Afternoon) – Happy 10th Birthday to Olivia at Arthurlie House.Arthurlie is a great wee venue tucked away in the park. This afternoon was a full on glow in the dark rave. Olivia and her friends were ou in force with their UV paint and glowsticks which looked fantastic. I played lots of high energy music and dance songs, the youngsters went mental and we had a great time. Happy Birthday Olivia and enjoy your Easter holidays.

1/4/16 – Happy 40th Birthday to Lianne Reid at Liberton Golf Club in Edinburgh. Spending a good few nights across the East Coast lately and I have loved every second of it. Tonight I was at Liberton Golf Club to help Lianne celebrate her 40th Birthday with a disco. To be honest she could actually quite easily have done it herself with the cracking playlist she gave me which had everything from modern chart hits to some old classic floors fillers, all designed to keep her friends and family happy. The moodlights were out on display and predictably transformed the entire room. Happy Birthday Lianne!

26/3/16 – Congratulations to Gem and Paul Barrett on their big day at Barony Castle.The Scottish Winter had one last hissy fit before the clocks changed and the rain was on all day long but we weren’t going to let it spoil the celebrations. Lot’s of family had came over from Ireland and these guys know exactly how to party. Tonights set from the happy couple had a lot of indie and rock classics which gave the evening their own unique stamp. An amazing big ending which featured ‘The Pretender’ by Foo Fighters and of course the neccesary Loch Lomond ending. Congratulations guys and enjoy Matla!

19/3/16 – Congratulations to Kevin and Marieta McQuade on their special day at Houston House Hotel.Guests had traveled from just about every corner of the globe for tonights Wedding so it was an international affair, but with a good splash of Scottish character stamped on it. The night kicked off with the amazing Stravaig Ceilidh band (check them out) and was then followed by a short but sweet DJ set from my good self. Kevin had supplied an eclectic list of songs from 80’s, 90’s and modern chart smashes to keep the crowd going into the wee hours. The evening culminated in an emotional rendition of Auld Lang Syne followed by Loch Lomond to send our couple off on their merry way. Congratulations guys and enjoy your honeymoon in Spain.

12/3/16 – Congratulations to Lee and David Campbell in the lovely St Andrews In The Square.I love coming back here as it is where 2 of my closest friends got married, Julie is an amazing events organiser and the place is just drop dead gorgeous to boot. Tonight started off with the amazing Boyce Avenue cover of Chris Browns ‘Forever’ and from then on out it was classic party tracks for the first half. After the buffet by special request we had a GBX set for David which went down a storm and for Lee a hip hop section. You wouldn’t get away with playing ‘Get Low’ by Lil’ Jon at many Weddings but tonight it was perfect. The big send off at the very end of Loch Lomond tripped the sound limiter but that was all good. Fantastic night guys, thank you for letting play a part in it!

11/3/16 – Happy 12th Birthday to Rebecca at Whitehills in Hamilton.Alot of local gigs for me this week for a nice change. This evening Rebecca and her pals boogied down to the latest chart hits and dance smashes. Of course Justin Beiber got a play, Of course they loved it and of course I had a great time. Happy Birthday Rebecca.

10/3/16 – Happy 50th Birthday Party to Colin Peat at Mar Hall.An intimate dinner for 30 close friends and family followed by a classic packed disco was Colins idea of a perfect birthday. The burgundy suite in Mar Hall looked stunning as always and the guests enjoyed a slap up meal before I spun the discs for the remainder of the evening. FLoor fillers such as Cha Cha Slide and Grease Megamix kept everyone happy till the end. Happy Birthday Colin!

9/3/16 – Great night back at Hillhead Primary for their Easter Disco.I have very fond memories of the disco from last year and tonight was brilliant again. The kids here are always a credit to the school and game to just get involved. Lots of requests (too many to play!) made for an epic night of dancing and singing along from the primary 5 and 6’s. Can’t wait to do it all again next time guys!

5 Star Discos Feb 2016 Update

27/2/16 – Super Sweet 16th for Lauren at The Dawson Centre, Falkirk. – This was a 16th but with a twist, There was the usual request for some chart etc. but by and large the youngsters were set on old school cheese from the Vengaboys and even DJ Casper. No dramas, the kids were all on great form and it reminded me how much fun doing teen parties can be. Happy Birthday Lauren, I’m glad you had a great night.

20/2/16 – Evening reception at Linlithgow Burgh Halls. – Ruth and Stephen got married a few weeks back infront of close friends and family and this was the big event to celebrate with their extended group of friends. The room was jam packed with no room to sit, which was not a problem as the dance floor was jumping from the first dance. The couple wanted their guests to have a big input in their evening so they were heavily encouraged to put in requests and most were absolute crackers. Lot’s of disco, lots of chart and a good few I hadn’t heard in a long time made for a brilliant evening. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Currie!

13/2/16 – Lovely Wedding of Kerry and Thomas Barton at Melville Castle! – It was a cosy Wedding at the castle with the kids firmly the centre of attention for the start of the evening. The requests were really eclectic and suited our bride and grooms tastes perfectly. Big send off at the end of the night came via Loch Lomond and then a song for their beloved football team. The couple opted to have the marquee moodlit which just transformed it from fabulous to stunning. Another great 5 Star Discos event.

12/2/16 – I am now a Diamond Level DJ Mark Award Holder! – I am now officially rated at the highest level possible within the DJ Mark Award Scheme having met the strictest of criteria and I am also officially the highest rated DJ in Scotland in the scheme! More so I am ranked in the top 10 DJs from across the UK out of almost 500 nationwide to say I am proud is a massive understatement. The DJ Mark Award is very important as it is based on actually feedback gained from people who have booked me and takes into account everything from presentation, time keeping, quality of equipment right through to customer service. I am currently ranked 5 stars out of 5 in the scheme (I would have to be wouldn’t I!) and 100% of people who booked me said they would recommend me to a friend and felt I offered good value for money. You can view my DJ Mark info here.

11/2/16 – Great night at Arta for Laura and Gavins Wedding! – This evening had it all. From the usual line dances that gets everyone up to a Northern Soul dance off between 2 of the grooms men, there was no dull moments. The first dance even had a little surprise for Gavin, set up as ‘True Love’ by Pink, Laura contacted me a few days before to ask if I could sneakily introduce the couple up then place a short chorus of ‘Do The Bartman!’ which is a long running family joke about Gavin. She assured me Gavin would see the funny side of it and when the moment came he was in stitches, as were the guests. It’s little touches like this that makes Weddings memorable for all the guests. All the best for your future together guys and enjoy Rome!

6/2/16 – Congratulations to Caitlin and Taylor on their engagement! – Been a wee while since I’ve been to Lochgelly. Its always nice to travel to that part of the country as the wee village parties can literally be that…the whole village turns up! Taylor popped the question on Christmas Day and the couple are due to get married next year at The Parsonage which is a lovely venue belonging to the Aurora group. Party hits were dropped throughout the night with a nice side of soul which is Taylors favourite genre culminating in a big Loch Lomond send off at the end for the happy couple. All the best guys a have fun planning the big day!

29/1/16 – Retro Ruby Wedding at Edinburgh Masonic Club! – It was a travel back in time to 1976 for Jean and Johns Ruby Wedding Anniversary party. All 70’s all night and I loved it. Chic, Earth, Wind and Fire to name a few. The Jackson five, Kenny Rogers, the list goes on. A few special surprises throughout the night made it memorable such as Jean appearing in her original Wedding dress to re live their first dance to their original song ‘She Wears My Ring’ by Soloman King. John even got in on the act and sung a special tribute to his wife Jean. Congratulations to both of you on an amazing accomplishment.

24/1/16 – Fabulous birthday celebrations for young Rose at Kelvindale Bowling Club! – Another weekend afternoon, another smashing kids party. Rose and her friends came to party hard and party hard they did. We squeezed as much fun and games as we could into a quick 2 hours. Loads of prizes and sweets were dished out. Fill the kids with sugar and then wear them out with an action packed time! That’s the key to a successful 5 Star Discos kids party!

January 2016 News Update from Glasgow Wedding DJ Graham

16/1/16 – Super 50th Birthday Party for Lesley at Barr and Stroud Club! The snow hadn’t cleared but that didn’t put off Lesleysclose family and friends from coming out and going wild. It was one of those great nights where the dance floor was packed by half 8 at night. Songs ran from Lesleys favourite 80’s tunes to Nicki Minaj and Calvin to Cotton Eye Joe and of course lots of Old School Take That for massive fan Lesley. The night ended with one of the biggest send offs I’ve seen in a long time and rightly so. Happy Birthday Lesley. Absolutely fab at 50!

16/1/16 (Afternoon) – Fun filled joint birthday party in Killermont Church Hall. The snow wasn’t going to put these party animals off today. Speaking of animals, The Animal Man was there with lots of creepy crawlies, snakes and a few wee cuties too which the kids loved. After a short break for a snack we were straight into the games and some hilarious dancing. Today was a joint birthday between 3 best friends Amelia, Eloise and Mae and instead of receiving gifts they wanted friends to make donations to charity where was amazing for a bunch of 7 year old to choose to do. We packed so much fun into the 1 hour party I can’t wait till your 8th Birthday. Happy Birthday girls.

15/1/16 – Amazing surprise 60th Disco for Janette at Giffnock North.It is harder these days to keep a surprise party just that with social media etc. but Janettes family managed the almost impossible and she was non the wiser. Entering the room to her favourite song 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley you could see she was genuinely taken aback. Party classics and floor fillers flowed from then on out for a fantastic evening. Happy Birthday Janette and all the best!

9/1/16 – Very Happy 11th Birthday to young Millie at Cambuslang Institute!Great night with Millie and her friends at the Cambuslang Institute. These party animals danced, bounced and boogied from the first beat. Lots of glowsticks and inflatable props made for some great pic and video footage. Happy Birthday Millie, hope you had a great time.

3/1/16 – Happy New Year!Had a few well needed weeks off from the land of DJs and had a great time having much needed time with family and friends over the festive season. I hope everyone had a great time too. 2015 was my most successful year to date and I have some big plans for this coming year. Keep checking back to find out as they unfold. Wishing everyone out there all the best for the year to come too!

20/12/15 – Lovely intimate Wedding at Oran Mor.My last Wedding (and event for that matter) of the year. Having performed to thousands of people it was nice to finish on a small intimate note with close family and friends in a beautiful and comfy setting of Oran Mors dining room. This is one of the smallest rooms I have ever played and it lent itself to a relaxed atmosphere where much of the evening was spent with sing alongs around the big communal table before things kicked up a gear later on with dance pop smash its to get everyone up on their feet. Congratulations Diane and James and all the best for the New Year as husband and wife.

19/12/15 – Massive celebration tonight all rolled into one party.Mums 50th, Daughters 18th and the family is emigrating to America in a few weeks so it was a big emotional event for all kinds of reasons. Tonight we were in a Yurt (I prefer to call them Igloos at this time of year) and we partied into the wee small hours. Tons of ceilidh and then as you would expect from a joint birthday lots of great song requests for the younger and older generation. Lot’s a top tunes to keep everyone happy and of course a few Christmas numbers (well Tis’ The Season) Happy Birthday Rebecca and all the best to you guys on our new exciting chapter.

18/12/15 – Another Christmas Party Night at The Lauriston Farm in Edinburgh.My final party night of the year and I was geared right up for this one/ It was a late starter kicking off at half 9 so everyone was raring to go as soon as I started the tunes. Great mix of friends, work colleagues and families were out celebrating to night with great food, great music and great company. Santa once again made an appearance he seems to get about almost as much as me!). Brilliant end to party season for me. Always kind of sad at this point because they are so much fun.

17/12/15 – Christmas Party night with the staff at Mint and Lime.Back at the Mint and Lime tonight which is always a great night, but this time it was to allow the staff to let their hair down for their Christmas party night and they totally deserve it. They work hard all year round so everyone else can have a fun weekend. The night was filled with games, present sharing and the big man Santa even made an appearance. See you guys again soon.

16/12/15 – Divali Festival of Light event at Mount Florida Primary.Tonight I had installed special UV lights into the marquee for the schools annual Festival of Light parade. This looks magical as the kids had their own hand made neon decorations which lit up the night when exposed to the UV lights. The kids and staff put in so much effort and it really paid off, the end result was a stunning display.

15/12/15 – Fantastic Wedding Disco at The Lodge On Loch Lomond.It seemed like disaster had struck last week when the original venue was flooded due to the Hurricane but Janice managed to pull out all the stops and rearrange everything last minute for the lovely Lodge On Loch Lomond which is just down the road.

11/12/15 – Brilliant Party night disco at Grangemouth Town Hall.Tonight I was playing alongside epic covers band LT. Stardust for this annual Charity Fundraising event. Despite the weather people came out in their droves to have a great night and a great night they did have. Old school dance floor fillers, cheese and rock played all night and the punters loved it with the dance floor constantly being full! A huge amount of money was raised too which is the icing on the cake. Can’t wait until next year!

5/12/15 – Happy 13th Birthday to young Abbey at Giffnock Tennis Club.

RnB and Chart set this party off with a bang as Abbey and her friends celebrated in style then we ramped it up a notch with dance smashes and sing alongs. ‘Sweet Loving’ by Sigala (the best song of the year in my humble opinion) was a particular highlight. Even the boys joined in whereas normally at these parties they just run about being silly as they don’t know how to talk or dance with girls lol. Happy birthday when it comes next week Abbey, hope you have a great one.

3/12/15 – Merry Christmas to all the kids and staff from Hyde N Seek Nursery in Mount Florida.

Great start to silly season (aka Christmas Party Season) with fun and games with all the staff and kids from Hyde N Seek Nursery plus some of their parents and guardians. The kids were great and visibly excited at the thought of Santa coming. Hope all you guys have a great holiday and a fantastic Christmas when it comes.

28/11/15 – Congratulations to Kate and Ash McClenaghan on their Wedding at Old Churches House in Dunblane!

Old Churches House is a relatively new venue which is only about a year and a half old in the historic old town of Dunblane and it is lovely so it is no wonder it is now becoming so popular for Weddings. This evenings disco was for Kate and Ash who were having a laid back Wedding, their way. No first dance, just lots of great party tunes and ceilidh to keep all their guests on their feet. A large number of guests from south of the border and Northern Ireland had a ball trying their hand at the traditional Scottish dancing and the young trio of Henry and his pals entertained with their Tsunami break dancing! What a great Wedding to finish on before a few weeks dedicated to silly season (aka Christmas Party Season!) All the best for the future guys.

21/11/15 – Congratuulations to Christine and Ross McKenzie on their surprise Wedding!

We have been sneaking around all week in the run up to tonight. Christine and Ross emigrated to Australia and got engaged. Their family believed they were back home for an engagement party for all the friends and family who wouldn’t make it to Oz for the big day. Little did they know that big day was today! guests mingled and chatted until the celebrant asked everyone to join him downstairs for the ceremony. Watch the video to see their faces! First dance was the unique ‘For You’ by Angus and Julia Stone and from their it was party classics all night. Great crowd had the floor jumping the whole time. An emotional end to the evening with Auld Lang Syne followed by Loch Lomond gave Mr and Mrs McKenziea send off in style. Congratulations guys both on your Wedding and for managing to keep it a secret!

7/11/15 (afternoon) – Happy 7th Birthday to young Nieve!

Probably one of my last kids parties of the year before silly season (aka the Christmas Mad Parties) takes over and it was a cracker to end on. All the kids made a special effort to come decked out in their neon clothes for a special neon disco. These have just grown and grown in popularity over the past year (with may other DJs now imitating which I take as a compliment) and I expect to keep going strong so I have invested in more UV lighting for even better effect. Kids were all on great form from start to finish and gave young Nieve a special birthday to remember.

6/11/15 – Amazing night at the Glasgow Marriott for the 2015 Dentistry Scotland Awards!

Short and sweet tonight with a 2 hour set to cap of the most prestigious awards ceremony in the dental industry. The Marriott looked phenomenal thanks to the team at Catalyst who put in a top notch sound and light system. Chart smashers made way for classic cheese to end the evening with a bang. Congratulations to all the nominees and especially the winners! Big personal thank you goes out to Leanna and the staff at FMC for booking me and the Marriott for their great hospitality as always.